Bio Wash in Fabrics

Do you know your T-shirts are Bio-washed or Not !! You may be thinking, what is it ?? Because sometimes I just end up with this question, as many people or customers are not aware of the term Bio-wash.Okay, so let’s talk about it in detail now.


The term bio-wash used multiple times in the field of T-shirt making or customization of T-shirts. When the T-shirt is made, a particular process is followed which involves procuring cotton, ginning to made its knitting ready. This term is really useful for t-shirt entrepreneurs and people looking for customized T-shirts. Bio-wash is generally a wet fabric with the permanent finish which is usually done before or after the dyeing of fabric. It is also termed as Bio-Polishing and usually done with cotton fabrics.


In this process, the fabric goes through some mixture of acid and enzymes. This process takes place at a very high temperature to avoid Pilling, thus the rough fibers break down and give the unique touch to a fabric, It makes the fabric soft and silky. It also changes the appearance of the fabric by giving a color brightness of superior quality and a glossier look.


After the bio-wash, softness texture is added to the fabric and there will be no rough ends anymore on the fabric It increases the fabric life with some more durability. At early times, chemicals were used to apply over fabric but that decrease the life of fabric by making it harsh. Whereas if we compare chemicals with bio-wash,bio-wash makes the fabric more shine and increases the luster too.  We all know that chemicals are harmful to our body, our skin but at the same end, Bio-wash is a natural component that is user-friendly, good for the environment. It prevents our skin from various allergies and ailments. One more advantage is there of bio-wash which is related to color, yes the color of the fabric. It preserves the color of the fabric, prevents color loss and maintains the color consistency of the clothing item after washing too.

Myth buster About Bio-Wash : 

Many manufacturers say that getting bio-wash done increases the strength of the fabric which is completely wrong.

Bio wash just increases the luster, shine, and soft feel. All our t-shirts and customized hoodies have bio-wash!