Fabric paint is the nicest way to give life to old T-shirts or a new look to wear them. People can give existence to their ideas. Mastering in the fabric paint makes you become the owner of your own fashion designing outlet.

Before going through the steps of how to do fabric painting, need to keep some things handy with you  so that you will not get stuck in between, so these are a few things you need to be with you :

  • Fabric  
  • Swatch book
  • Textile Paint
  • Textile Medium
  • Fabric paint Tubes
  • Fabric Pens
  • Fabric paints, pots, and brushes. 

  • Fabric Paint

    Try to develop a design, trace it on a piece of fabric and then paint it by using some steps mentioned below :

          1. Prepping a fabric

  • Choose a fabric, wash it so that you get to know how much it shrinks before applying the paint.
  • Place some barriers for the separation of front and back to prevent it from bleeding.
  • Pin the fabric by using a safety pin or sewing pins to prevent the shifting of the fabric. 

    1. Choose the materials

  • Choose fabric paint from a bottle to achieve precise and textured lines.
  • Purchase that fabric paint that you can apply by using brushes.
  • Choose brushes according to the effect of the design that you want to paint.

  • Paint Material


    1. Paint Your Fabric

  • Draw the desired design on a piece of paper that you want on your fabric.
  • Use a pencil or a disappearing pen to transfer the design on the fabric.
  • Switch your design on the fabric that you just traced with the painting tool of your choice like a brush.
  • Use stencils, spray paint, mix water to create water paint for a water look. 
  • For the good texture, use the combing tool.

    Fabric painting


    1. Add Embellishments

  • Make the fabric sparkle with glitter
  • Add 3D embellishments by using buttons, stones or other decorative material that can be used on fabric.
  • Use a sponge, cut it in the desired shape that you want on your fabric.

  • Recommended Paint: In most cases, acrylic paint is the best-preferred choice to paint the garments or textiles. It can be brushed on, sprayed on or in paint makers.  

    How to Remove different types of paint?

    Two types of paint are there : 

  • Dry Paint
  • Wet Paint



  • Deal immediately with the stain, attempt the paint to wash out as soon as it gets dry. 
  • Do not apply any heat to the stain like do not iron it. Some of the paints which get more solid by applying iron 
  • Remove any unabsorbed paint before washing it with the help of a paper towel/ blotting it up/ scrap it with some sort of thing like a knife or any other similar to it.
  • Hand wash the cloth by applying detergent on it.
  • Machine wash your clothes. 
  • Consider professional cleaning.
  • Scrape the paint as much as you can. 
  • Apply a solvent. (Be careful with delicate fabrics, apply solvent according to the fabric. Different solvent for different fabric)
  • Scrub the paint.
  • M/c wash your clothes